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Triangle Python Users Group: TriPython (formerly TriZPUG)

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TriPython January, April, July, and October general meetings and monthly second Wednesday project nights meet at:

UNC Renaissance Computing Institute

TriPython February, May, August, and November general meetings meet at:

WebAssign: Online Homework and Grading

TriPython monthly first Tuesday project nights meet at:

Red Hat Annex

TriPython March, June, September, and December general meetings and monthly third Monday project nights meet at:

Caktus Consulting Group
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Django Sprint

We're hosting a Django development sprint at Carrboro Creative Coworking on March 20th and 21st, 2010. A sprint is a concerted, focused period of time in which developers meet in the same space to get things done on a project. This will be a general sprint focused on fixing bugs for the 1.2 release. It doesn't require any previous experience and, if you don't have prior experience contributing to Django, it is the perfect opportunity to start. We'll be there at 9am both days to open the doors. The sprint is being hosted by Caktus Consulting Group. If you need help finding the location or have other questions on the day of the sprint, just give us a call at 919-951-0052.

  • Posted by tobias
  • Start Date: 2010-03-20

Python Hack Night The First

Let's get together not just to talk about Python but to use Python. Python Hack Night is where you can get hands-on learning and help on your small projects. If you have a project on which you need some help, then you should come. If you have time to spare and want to help, then you should come. If you just want to come work on a project with other Python hackers, then you should come. If you want to see what projects others are working on, then you should come. Suggestions for more venues to host Python Hack Nights are welcome. Read the article for more information.

TriZPUG Feburary 2010 Meeting: PyCon Debrief: Your Presentation Goes Here

Join us for a special meeting at MetaMetrics. 35 TriZPUGers went to PyCon this week. Let's have a show and tell about what we learned at PyCon. If you would like to present at this meeting, please sound off on the mailing list. As always, lightning talks of ten minutes or less are also welcome. Anything you've learned about Python, no matter how trivial, can be a lightning talk. Simply volunteer your lightning talk at the meeting. The after-meeting will be at one of the several nearby taverns, to be decided at the meeting. View the article for directions to MetaMetrics.

  • Posted by psmith
  • Start Date: 2010-02-25

TriZPUG January 2010 Meeting: Fabric

Kurt Grandis, Director of Software Engineering at Metametrics, will present Fabric, a Python library and command-line tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks. As always, lightning talks of ten minutes or less are also welcome. Anything you've learned about Python, no matter how trivial, can be a lightning talk. Simply volunteer your lightning talk at the meeting.

  • Posted by bac
  • Start Date: 2010-01-28

TriZPUG December 2009 Meeting: Holiday Lightning Talk Competition

Tons of food and many door prizes including prizes for best lightning talk. Bring a lightning talk and win a prize: a good way to warm up for PyCon! Parking is in the Bryan Center metered lot or garage (not free; see link below). Call the number below if arriving after 7pm to get in the door.

  • Posted by bendy
  • Start Date: 2009-12-17

Django Development Sprint

A development sprint is an excuse to get together, write some code, and have a good time doing it. The purpose of this sprint will be to help finish features and push out bug fixes in preparation for the Django 1.2 release. If you're interested in coming to work on other open source Django-based projects, that's welcome too. If you plan to participate on-site, please RSVP via Eventbrite (linked on the page linked below) so we get an idea of how much food to plan for.

  • Posted by cbc
  • Start Date: 2009-12-12

TriZPUG November 2009 Meeting: Why MoinMoin?

David Handy will present MoinMoin, an advanced, easy to use and extensible WikiEngine with a large community of users. Other talks are gladly accepted at this meeting. This meeting starts at 7:30pm due to the nearby game day traffic. See the event link for game day directions.

  • Posted by psmith
  • Start Date: 2009-11-19

TriZPUG October 2009 Meeting: Jython - Python for the JVM

Frank Wierzbicki will present a talk on Jython that is a preview for his PyCon talk. Jython is an implementation of Python for the JVM. This talk covers the options available for integrating Jython and Java code, especially Java calling into Jython, since this is the trickier case. This talk will also cover some Java specific deployment options, such as deploying your Jython application as a jar file. Jar files allow you to package Java/Jython applications into a single archive. In many environments a user can click a jar file to launch the contained application.

  • Posted by bac
  • Start Date: 2009-10-22

The No-Fun ZopeSkel BBQ Sprint

A highly focused, planned, and organized, very small, no-fun, no-cost, all-business sprint to improve ZopeSkel usability for Plone themers, integrators, and new developers. The primary goal is to improve ZopeSkel infrastructure rather than to create new ZopeSkel templates. This may result in a ZopeSkel wrapper product code-named Button. This sprint is not invite-only, however, we are not looking for a large group or side-projects. We, in fact, are specifically discouraging side-projects of any kind--the purpose of this sprint is solely to accomplish a pre-determined task list assembled by the sprint organizers. This would not be a good sprint for someone looking to learn more about Plone site-building or product-development per se, since the technologies we're working with here are not much more general-Python than Plone-specific. This sprint is really for experienced Python programmers who want to help with the ZopeSkel infrastructure.

  • Posted by cbc
  • Start Date: 2009-10-02

TriZPUG September 2009 Meeting: Cheetah Templates

Chris Calloway will present Cheetah, a Python package for code generation via templates. This talk is a warm-up for the No-Fun ZopeSkel BBQ Sprint hosted by TriZPUG the following week (for which you will need Cheetah skills). Other talks at the meeting are welcome. Bring your own talk. Parking is in the Bryan Center metered lot or garage (not free; see link below). Call the number below if arriving after 7pm to get in the door. The after-meeting will be at The Federal at 914 W. Main St. in Durham.

  • Posted by cbc
  • Start Date: 2009-09-24

TriZPUG August 2009 Meeting

Canonical developer Gary Poster will give his OSCON presentation "Launchpad Foundations: If the Abstractions Don't Kill Us..." The talk is about how Launchpad uses the zope.interface and zope.component libraries. The talk is based on interviews with Launchpad engineers. The talk discusses how we might improve our use of the Zope Component Architecture, how the technology might be change, and how the technology might be used in other contexts like Django. We will adjourn for food and beverage at a local eatery after the meeting.

  • Posted by cbc
  • Start Date: 2009-08-27

Advanced Plone Boot Camp 2009

TriZPUG's fifth anniversary Advanced Plone Bootcamp, taught as always by the incomparable Joel Burton. This low cost, four day Bootcamp brings existing Plone integrators up to speed with new Plone features. Sign up at

  • Posted by cbc
  • Start Date: 2009-07-27

TriZPUG July 2009 Meeting: Fifth Anniversary Plone Boot Camps Meet and Greet

This month, instead of the usual meeting, there will be a meet and greet to honor Joel Burton, who is at UNC to teach two weeks of Plone Boot Camps. Plone Boot Camps started with Joel and TriZPUG five years ago. Come out to celebrate TriZPUG, congratulate Joel on five years of fine Plone instruction, and meet this year's Plone Boot Camp class. Directions to the venue are available via the link below. This meeting will start a little earlier than usual to accommodate the end of class. But show up when you please, there will be crowd there until late.

  • Posted by cbc
  • Start Date: 2009-07-23

Plone Bootcamp 2009

TriZPUG's fifth anniversary Plone Bootcamp, taught as always by the incomparable Joel Burton. This Bootcamp is your perfect introduction to standing up and customizing Plone sites. Sign up at

  • Posted by cbc
  • Start Date: 2009-07-20

Toronto PyCamp 2009

For beginners, this ultra-low-cost Python Boot Camp makes you productive so you can get your work done quickly. PyCamp emphasizes the features which make Python a simpler and more efficient language. Following along by example speeds your learning process in a modern high-tech classroom. Become a self-sufficient Python developer in just five days at PyCamp!

  • Posted by cbc
  • Start Date: 2009-07-13

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