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Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center Sponsors PyCamp

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PyCamp is made possible by the kind sponsorship of the Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center.

The Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center is a multidisciplinary, multidepartmental facility which serves as a focal point for interactions among basic, translational, and clinical scientists studying all aspects of cardiovascular disease. Areas of specific interest include atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases, angiogenesis and cardiovascular development, cardiovascular physiology, and diseases of hemostasis.


PyCamp takes a programmer familiar with basic programming concepts to the status of Python developer with one week of training. The training is geared towards scientific and research computing. PyCamp introduces scientists to object oriented, functional, generative, and aspect oriented programming through practical working examples.

PyCamp is a follow-on activity of TriZPUG's Plone Boot Camp series, which was also sponsored by CCBC.

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