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Triangle Python Users Group: TriPython (formerly TriZPUG)

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Plone Boot Camp 2 :: March 13-17, 2006

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TriZPUG reprise their highly successful Plone Boot Camp, the world's largest Plone training conference now emulated by Python users groups nationwide. Plone Boot Camp takes a web developer who can evaluate a Python expression to the status of fully qualified Plone developer with one week of training.
Boot Campers are ecstatic about their madd Plone skillz.
Campers' bookmarksCamp storeParticipantsWhen and where?How to register?Who is your instructor?What to expect?What you need to bring?What you need to do to prepare?Where to stay?Social hourWhat was PBC1?

When and Where

Phillips Hall Room 328 is centrally located on campus and is a state of the art high technology classroom. There are wired 100Mb Ethernet connections and grounded AC power outlets at every seat. Two video projection screens monitor two computers at the front of the room.

Boot Camp consisted of three parts:

How To Register

PBC2 was sold out!

Early bird registrations completed by February 25, 2006 were only $250 per seat lunches included.

Late registrations which were completed by February 28, 2006 were $300 per seat lunches included.

Plone Boot Camp 2 was made possible by the kind sponsorship of the Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center, a multidisciplinary, multidepartmental facility which serves as a focal point for interactions among basic, translational, and clinical scientists studying all aspects of cardiovascular disease. Areas of specific interest include atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases, angiogenesis and cardiovascular development, cardiovascular physiology, and diseases of hemostasis.

Who Is Your Instructor

Once again, Plone Boot Camp 2 was taught by the incomparable Joel Burton, Chair of the Plone Foundation. Joel is the best technical instructor you will ever see and hear. Just ask last year's Plone Boot Camp 1 participants.

What To Expect

Check out the Plone Boot Camp syllabus.

What You Need To Bring

  • A laptop with a wired ethernet adapter and any of the following OS platforms:
    • Windows XP or 2000 with latest service packs (preferred)
      and an accessible Administrator login password
    • Mac OSX 10.3 latest revision or better
    • Linux with a 2.6 kernel and Python 2.3.5 (do not install Python 2.4)
  • An AC power adapter for your laptop.
  • A CAT 5 Ethernet cable

What You Need To Do To Prepare

More complete preparation suggestions can be found on our Get Up To Speed page.

Where To Stay

The Hampton Inn Chapel Hill (1740 Fordham Blvd.) was the official hotel of Plone Boot Camp. Shuttle van service will ran daily to and from Plone Boot Camp and the Hampton Inn Chapel Hill.

Social Hour

TriZPUGers and PBC1 alums joined Plone Boot Camp 2 participants on Tuesday, March 14 at 5:15pm for a social hour at Lucy's, 114 Henderson Street, Chapel Hill. Hor d'oeuvres and an open bar for pints were available to those sporting a Plone Boot Camp 2 badge.

2005 Plone Boot Camp 1

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