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Clarifying the meaning of Obsolete in Help Center workflow

I'm trying to clarify the 'Mark as obsolete' transition (and Obsolete state) in HCWorkflow?. Here are some alternatives, based on IRC discussion (comments welcome).

Option 1. Remove the Obsolete state, and replace it with a simple marker

Add a boolean 'obsolete' property on the item. This could be toggled in the Edit or Properties forms (Authors/Managers/Reviewers only?), or with two workflow menu items ('Mark as Obsolete', 'Mark as Not Obsolete'), with no actual state change.

In this scenario, (un)marking an item as Obsolete wouldn't affect its workflow state or its visibility. It would affect its appearance in skins--maybe we add a watermark or other caveat to the item.

In essence, the item would keep its prior workflow state (Pending, Published, etc) but could also be marked as Obsolete.

Option 2. Keep the Obsolete state, but with less effect on visibility

Keep the prior state's visibility? (Is this possible?)

Remember (so we can restore it) the prior workflow state? Or we can look this up in its workflow history...

Option 3. Ditch this entirely, in favor or Rejecting items normally

Perhaps any warnings or caveats should be explicitly added to the document? It might be best to just reject the items normally, but with a comment like "Please note that this is only necessary if you can't use the Blah Blah Product".

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