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Fave Boot Camp Tricks

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Here's a stubbed-out file for folks to include those tricks and tips they found most useful from boot camp.

  • To write to the event log in a Python script, use: context.plone_log('script: my comment')
  • restricting content types by folder ..lorem ipsum...

  • adding additional skin folders for testing out skin changes ..quick brown fox...

  • using folder tabs (in site properties) ...jumped...

  • zope runs in debug mode seperately from plone being in debug mode.

  • SQLStorage?: allow the joining of legacy data to that data in zope/plone ZODB.  Too cool.  There is documentation on this is the archetypes product folder called "docs".

  • DCWorkflow? graph: never miss another step in a workflow you are creating.   Also see DCWorkflowDump?:

  • Cool Stuff...PloneArticle?, ArchgenXML?, CMFMember?, VerboseSecurity?, PAS (Pluggable Authentication System), CMFMember?, PortalMailTemplates?, PortalTransitions?,  LDAPUserFolder?, Plone Help Center (go Sprinters!), CMFFormController? (think MVC meets Plone), WingIDE?, ZEO (debugging=good), also see the MySite? tutorial in the link in the handouts, PloneCollectorNG?, CMFBoard?, FSDump? (dumps all custom skinds, yadda yadda to the file system.  sweet!), CMFSin? (rss ingesting, yum), PlonePoPoll?

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