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Camp 5 and the BBQ Sprint :: March 10-17, 2007

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This is where we future-proof your Zope and Plone product development! Four days of Zope 3 training for Zope 2, CMF and Plone 3 product developers and integrators. Taught by Philipp von Weitershausen, author of Web Component Development with Zope 3. Followed by four optional days of Zope 3 and Plone product sprinting with several sponsored and invited sprinters. All in a brand new high-tech conference center on the campus of the University of North Carolina.
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Camp 5 is an advanced Zope 3 training designed to keep Zope and Plone product developers in step as we migrate to Zope 3. Moving to Zope 3 is a good thing for projects such as Plone, as Zope 3's component architecture is a much simpler and at the same time more powerful way of developing.

Zope 3 APIs are available in Plone today by using a special bridge product included with Plone called Five. Five allows Zope 3 application development in Plone while still using the Zope 2 application server. Five is already in use in the current and previous Plone releases. Zope 3 products you develop for Plone today using Five will still work with all future versions of Plone. You are future-proof with Camp 5!

Camp 5 is the very best Zope 3 and Five training available and targeted at Zope 2, CMF, and Plone developers. Camp 5 insures your Zope, CMF, and Plone development skills stay current. Camp 5 has been tested to rave reviews from audiences in Europe and is now available for the first time in North America. Your instructor, Philipp von Weitershausen, wrote the hardcover Zope 3 book Web Component Development with Zope 3 published by Springer and now in its second edition (included with your Camp 5 registration) including five all new chapters and five completely revised chapters. Philipp also runs the acclaimed World Cookery website which aggregates the finest in Zope 3 tutorials and documentation.

Camp 5 is followed immediately by the optional BBQ Sprint at the same location where you get to finely hone your new Zope 3 skills by developing Plone 3 groupware and other products. Participants in Camp 5 may attend the BBQ Sprint for free alongside a number of super-star sponsored and other invited Plone 3 developers. You will be integrated into the international community of Plone 3 product developers and get a jump start on future Plone releases. The BBQ Sprint also includes an authentic Eastern North Carolina BBQ roast and a Chapel Hill indie rock festival. Camp 5 participants are not required to stay for the BBQ Sprint. But the opportunity is golden.

For more information, please email .

When and Where

2001 Kerr Hall is a state of the art high technology classroom. There are wired 100Mb Ethernet connections and grounded AC power outlets at every seat. A video projection screen monitors the presentation computer at the front of the room. The seating is conference style on terraced risers all facing the instructor. A wireless microphone tracks the instructor throughout the room.

A complimentary snack and beverage service runs throughout the day during Camp5 and the BBQ Sprint.

Camp 5 consists of two parts:

  • Check In - Saturday March 10, 2007, 8:30am, 2001 Kerr Hall.
  • Instruction - Saturday March 10 through Tuesday March 13, 2007, 9am-6pm, 2001 Kerr Hall.

The optional BBQ Sprint consists of four parts:

The Camp 5 classroom and BBQ sprinting area
Tag-able Zope-powered map mashup of Camp 5 location created by Camp 5 participants from CodeSyntax

How To Register

Registration is Closed!

Registration includes a copy of the new edition of instructor's book Web Component Development with Zope 3, a $60 value. The new edition includes five new chapters and five totally revised chapters.

The registration schedule is:

Complete by Wednesday February 14, 2007 for early bird registration ($375).

Complete by Friday March 2, 2007 for regular registration ($425).

Discounts are available for members of the following qualifying groups:

  • Any accredited North Carolina institution of higher learning
  • Any federal, state, or incorporated non-profit environmental or earth science agency (NOAA, NWS, EPA, FWS, etc.)
  • Any active participant in TriZPUG
  • Any TriZPUG Boot Camp alumnus (including Houston PyCamp)

Discounts are $50 off the listed price. For your discount code, send an email to from your qualifying institutional email address. Registrations using a discount code without approval will be canceled without refund and not reinstated until payment of a $100 penalty.

What To Expect

Check out the Camp 5 syllabus.

This syllabus has been tested before previous audiences in Europe to rave reviews. Some of the BBQ Sprint sponsored sprinters have even attended this training in Copenhagen. Camp 5 is a unique opportunity to experience this top flight Zope 3 training for the first time in North America from the world's premier Zope 3 author and instructor.

Camp 5 Sponsors

Camp 5 is made possible by the kind sponsorship of the Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center and Enfold Systems.

Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center is a multidisciplinary, multidepartmental facility which serves as a focal point for interactions among basic, translational, and clinical scientists studying all aspects of cardiovascular disease. Areas of specific interest include atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases, angiogenesis and cardiovascular development, cardiovascular physiology, and diseases of hemostasis.


Enfold Systems delivers complete solutions for clients around the world. From support services to scalable websites, from custom applications to intranets, our extensive consulting and development experience will help ensure your success. Get Enfold Systems working on your solution!

If you or your organization would also like to sponsor Camp 5, please email .

Your instructor

Your instructor is Philipp von Weitershausen, an independent software consultant, a core Zope developer, author of the best selling book Web Component Development with Zope 3, and owner of the World Cookery Zope 3 tutorial and documentation website. Philipp lives in Dresden, Germany, where he is an MSc candidate at the Dresden University of Technology for Physics.

To get an idea of Philipp's engaging, laid back, and understandable style, watch these videos of Philipp

You can also view Philipp's presentation on Tackling Complex User Interfaces at the 2006 Plone Conference in Seattle.

What You Need To Bring

  • A laptop (required!) with a wired ethernet adapter and any of the following OS platforms:
    • Windows XP with latest service packs with an accessible Administrator login password
    • Mac OSX 10.3 latest revision or better
    • A recent Linux distribution
  • An AC power adapter for your laptop.
  • A CAT 5 Ethernet cable

What You Need To Do To Prepare

  • After registration, you will be subscribed to a private and low traffic email list where you will be sent announcement and further preparatory instructions as needed.
  • Your instructor's World Cookery Zope 3 website offers many preparatory tutorials.
  • When you receive your copy of your instructor's book, Web Component Development with Zope 3, you should read as much of it as possible before Camp 5.
  • Optional: you can chat with the rest of your fellow campers during Camp 5 without disturbing anyone if you have an IRC client installed and tuned to the #trizpug channel.

The following preparation instructions are from your instructor and may receive updates at the Camp 5 wiki on

To ensure things go smoothly during the training, please prepare a few things beforehand:

  1. This training focuses on Zope 3. Therefore if you're relatively new to Python or don't have much Python experience yet, please freshen up on it. The Python tutorial is a great place to start.

    I would like everyone to be familiar not only with the basic Python datastructures, the concept of Python packages and modules, etc, but also with things like
    • the most common APIs in Python (list API, mapping/dictionary API, etc.)
    • functions/methods with arbitrary number of parameters
    • method and function decorators
    • unicode <---> 8bit string + encoding

    You don't have to know it all by heart, but when you see me using it, you should know what's going on. Like my high school physics teacher always said, "Either you know it or you know where to look it up."

  2. The way the training is designed is that you'll be getting hands-on experience 90% of the time. This means you'll be typing code as well as running Python and Zope on your computer almost all the time. To ensure you're as comfortable as possible during the training, make sure

    • you bring a computer that you're familiar with (I've had people come in with their boss's laptop that they never used and found out was broken or unusable in some way, or was running an operating system that they weren't comfortable with)
    • your system is set up for development. That means you should have your favourite editor/IDE installed and ready to go for the training.
  3. Lastly, please install the following software before coming to the training:

    • a C compiler if on Linux or Mac (on the Mac, install XCode). Windows users can use pre-packaged binaries, so they don't need a C compiler.
    • Python 2.4.3 or 2.4.4
      • on Windows, simply use the MSI package from
      • on Linux, you can use your distribution's package. Just make sure you have the Python headers installed as well (python2.4-dev package on Debian/Ubuntu). If you compile it from source, make sure you have zlib support enabled ("import zlib").
      • on the Mac, you can use a binary distribution from PythonMac, the one from MacPorts (formerly known as DarwinPorts) or compile from source (make sure you have zlib support enabled, like on Linux).
    • the following Python packages (numbers in parentheses designate the recommended versions that are known to work): Your Linux distribution will probably have all of those pre-packaged. Some of those (pysqlite, sqlite3, reportalb) are also available for the Mac through MacPorts. Just make sure that you've got reasonably recent versions of all packages installed (especially SQLAlchemy).
    • a subversion client for checking out source code from

Where To Stay

Please consult our Accommodations Guide.

Where To Eat

Interactive Map of restaurants near the Camp 5 official hotel.

Interactive Map of restaurants near the Camp 5 classroom.

How to Get Around

Two shuttle vans with a combined capacity of 19 passengers will run between the Hampton Inn official hotel and the Camp 5/BBQ Sprint classroom once in the morning and once in the evening each day. Shuttle service is first come first serve and is courtesy of the UNC-CH Department of Marine Sciences especially for Camp 5 and the BBQ Sprint.

You are in luck. Chapel Hill has free bus service. It goes pretty much everywhere in town. It starts around 6am but only runs until about 8pm. After that, a cab will run about $7 between almost any two points in town.

Special Note: Chapel Hill transit will be running a reduced schedule during Camp 5 due to the UNC spring break. Some routes may end earlier in the evening than usual. Check the schedule.

Parking Information

Unfortunately, free parking is virtually nonexistent in Chapel Hill and very nonexistent on the UNC campus. Fortunately, some of the least expensive on-campus visitor parking ($6 per day) is available about two blocks from the Camp 5 classroom in the Dogwood Deck across from the hospital. Parking payment can be made by cash or credit card at the lot attendant booth. Discount coupons for all-day parking can be purchased at the Cashier's Desk in the Main (Memorial) Hospital lobby between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Discount coupons come in books of five and cost $20 per book. Once you have parked, exit the deck and turn left onto Manning Drive. At the South Columbia Street intersection, turn right and walk down the hill. Kerr and Beard Hall will be on the left as you go down the hill.

There are two parking decks on the 100 block of East Rosemary Street, one block from the north edge of campus. The municipal deck and lot are on the south side of East Rosemary and are ridiculously expensive (around $20 per day). The Bank of America garage on the north side of East Rosemary is only $6 per day fixed price (the least expensive parking in Chapel Hill).

Who's Also Participating?

See the list of participants.

Where's the Wiki?

Want to share a room? Organize an evening outing? You can do that either on the Camp 5 email list (automatic subscription with Camp 5 registration) or you can try out the Camp 5 Wiki courtesy of The Open Planning Project, organizers of the BBQ Sprint.

Where Are The T-Shirts?

At the Camp 5 Store, of course.

Where Are The Flyers?

Where Are The Tags?

camp5 tags on

bbq-sprint tags on

Where Is The Photo Pool?

June 20-21, 2020
at Red Har Annex:


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PyLadies RDU

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