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Unit testing in Python and Plone

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I gave a presentation on Unit Testing in Python and Plone at the January 2005 TriZPUG meeting. This document provides access to the materials used in the talk and links to sites for further reading.
Online copy of my unit test slides, including speaker's notes, from my PyCon 2003 tutorial. I used several of these slides to explain unit testing in general and Python's unittest module in particular.
FTP access to the code shown in the PyCon 2003 unit test slides.
Stefan Holek's tutorial on PloneTestCase. I used the PDF of Stefan's Plone Conference 2004 talk when explaining PloneTestCase. You can also get mentioned in the PDF file on this page. Note that you'll need to get both PloneTestCase and ZopeTestCase from the Plone Collective CVS repository. Do not use the ZopeTestCase release available from Stefan's pages. It is not 100% compatible with the version of PloneTestCase that you'll need to get from CVS.
The Plone Collective site. I showed unit tests that I wrote for one of the Collective's projects (PloneHelpCenter) during my presentation. We installed Archetypes 1.3.1, DocFinderTab 0.5.2, and PloneHelpCenter (from CVS) so that we all had a good environment for running and writing PloneHelpCenter unit tests.
The main Plone site. Plone is a content management system built on top of Plone. Part of my January 2005 presentation involved PloneTestCase a unittest-based framework for writing unit tests for Plone code.
The main Zope community site. Plone is built on top of the Zope web application server.
Test Driven Development: By Example, by Kent Beck. A good book to read if you're interested in test driven or test first development, a style of programming where you write the test before the code.
Extreme Programming group that meets in Cary. I've been told that attendance at meetings varies even more widely than the TriZPUG meeting attendance does.
A Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) .NET user group. One of their new special interest groups focuses on Test Driven Development.
More links provided with my PyCon 2003 tutorial.

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