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Triangle Python Users Group: TriPython (formerly TriZPUG)

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TriPython January, April, July, and October general meetings and monthly second Wednesday project nights meet at:

UNC Renaissance Computing Institute

TriPython February, May, August, and November general meetings meet at:

WebAssign: Online Homework and Grading

TriPython monthly first Tuesday project nights meet at:

Red Hat Annex

TriPython March, June, September, and December general meetings and monthly third Monday project nights meet at:

Caktus Consulting Group
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Old TriZPUG VisitorLog

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An archive of the old TriZPUG site's VisitorLog. We primarily used this feature on the old site to determine whether there was sufficient interest in the area for a Zope/Python user group.

Update: the response to the initial announcement of the TriZPUG was strong (as you can see below). Feel free to add your name to this list--the more names, the more peer pressure will encourage others to join. More importantly, join our mailing list at

Add your name and any comments below. If you don't want to post your e-mail address on a public forum, please send it to me or Geoff via e-mail. I edit this page from time to time and remove the e-mail addresses to help protect you from spammers.
  1. Tom Bryan, owner of these pages. tbryan AT python D0T net
  2. Geoff Davis, geoff AT geoffdavis DOT net. I am writing a Zope CMF application for a science education project.
  3. Ricky West, I am looking at Zope as the server platform for a not-for-profit charter school in the triangle area. I need all the help and information I can get.
  4. John Beimler Computer geek
  5. brent verner, FreeSourceBigot
  6. Mike Mueller uses Python as test scaffolding for ss7box. Needs website content management. Will work for information.
  7. Jon Carnes learned Python while hacking at Mailman. Since then I've expanded those hacks to help with other SysAdmin tasks.
  8. James Manning loves Python for easy scripting and because C integration shouldn't be nearly as hard as JNI makes it :)
  9. AM Thomas - Independent web developer currently working on "end user"-managed content for small-company web sites with Zope, with four sites currently using my Zope system. Interested in learning about workflow, particularly outside CMF, as well as making sure my (still unpublished) product is non-redundant and 'standard'. Particularly interested in usability issues. Interested in hosting issues, although I'm not a sysadmin.
  10. Eric Dunn managing Internal Websites for Bank Credit Card Service. Department Web site uses Squishdot Product for BLOG. CMF used for Content Management System. Yihaw used for consistent layout and sub managed by Business Analysis for Project Management. Other minor ZOPE Products used for specific small apps, i.e. Event Folder for Event Calendar and Announce Schedule meetings.
  11. Hariharan Gopalan, I am looking for help / advice on an application to manage a non-profit organization's world wide (135 countries) operations. Currently hosting it here in Cary.
  12. Craig: Little python experience. Interested in comparing Zope/Python CM against other CM systems using other technologies, especially PHP.
  13. Ian : Currently using Python to generate PDF documents using the ReportLab toolkit.
  14. Adrian Likins works on python everyday at Red Hat working on `up2date` and related tools.
  15. Charlie Fulton, grad student at NCSU, is working on a data management system for a research group using Zope/MySQL.
  16. Hunter Matthews is a system admin and works on Current and Gromit
  17. Mark Thomas, just getting into developing a website with Zope, Python, MySQL, Java applets. Self-taught at this stage, but really only a newbie and am interested in the proposed meetings.
  18. Patrick Williams, partner of Mark Thomas in the web site development. Count me in. Glad to help organize a meeting or help in any other way possible. Like Mark I am just learning as I go with Zope.
  19. Rob Huffstedtler - 2+ yrs experience in CMS - not a huge Python fan, but fairly interested in Zope
  20. Mike Baptiste - pointy hair and sysadmin depending on the day at Duke's engineering school. We may use Zope for some of our new web applications and also for CMS. Mostly gathering info right now though we hope to have a test system up in the next few weeks. Bummed I missed the first meeting ;)
  21. Jim Allman - I'm currently building web apps with Zope and Flash (via XML-RPC), curious to learn more about Zope3
  22. Noel Nunkovich, ntnunk AT earthlink DOT net. I am self-taught Python junky. I use it for all kinds of things, both personal and professional, including several different text manipulation tools to make my life easier at work, automation of MS Word, Excel, and Access via the Win32 Extensions, several automated reporting tools using Win32 DDE, MS Excel, MS Access, and the ReportLab toolkit, and many different Linux sysadmin chores. I'm interested in the meetings primarily to meet other Python users and learn as much as I can.
  23. Ilan Volow - HCI dude using python to express his ideas about how to make user interfaces more usable. Python gives him the ability to convert a prototype drawn on paper to a working model very rapidly.
  24. Rowland Smith - I've been a hardcore Java developer for the past 6 years, but I've been using a little Python here and there, and helped write the initial version of PythonCard ( I'm getting back into Python/PythonCard and would like to network with other Python people in the area.
  25. Chris Calloway, cbc AT unc DOT edu. I'm a recovering Java developer. My thing is GIS. I use Zope and Plone to implement SEACOOS.
  26. Ben Best, bbest AT duke DOT edu. I'm a Plone/Zope newbie, also with a GIS habit. I am in the process of migrating a PHP-driven site to a Zope/Plone-driven site.
  27. Tito Sierra - Digital Library development at NCSU, learning Python and Zope.

TriPython endorses:

PyLadies RDU

JupyterDay in the Triangle
Tue Nov 13, 2018 at UNC

JupyterDay in the Triangle

September 14-16, 2016:

PyData Carolinas 2016

Upcoming Events
Raleigh Project Night
Red Hat Annex, 190 E Davie St, Raleigh,
Chapel Hill Project Night
Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI), Biltmore Conference Room, 5th Floor, Europa Center, 100 Europa Drive, Suite 590, Chapel Hill,
Durham Project Night
Caktus Group Tech Space, 108 Morris St., Durham,
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