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Triangle Python Users Group: TriPython (formerly TriZPUG)

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TriPython January, April, July, and October general meetings and monthly second Wednesday project nights meet at:

UNC Renaissance Computing Institute

TriPython February, May, August, and November general meetings meet at:

WebAssign: Online Homework and Grading

TriPython monthly first Tuesday project nights meet at:

Red Hat Annex

TriPython March, June, September, and December general meetings and monthly third Monday project nights meet at:

Caktus Consulting Group
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The current TriZPUG home page is now This page is a copy of the content from I created that page as the original TriZPUG home page in July 2002, and it was our main page until Chris Calloway created in 2004. The old page is no longer used, but we decided to copy the existing content here so that we have it all on servers.

Triangle Zope/Python User Group (TriZPUG)

Upcoming Events Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 23, 2005, at 7:00 pm in room 328 Phillips Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill. David Handy will introduce us to Python's "new style" classes. Well, there maybe not "new" anymore, but it seems that there are quite a few of us who have never started using them.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement

If you'd like to give a talk at this or any future meeting, please contact us via the TriZPUG mailing list.

Past Meeting Information

We met at a new location in the Duke Environmental School on February 23, 2005. Tom Bryan (when he finally found the building) gave a quick overview of PloneTestCase and unit testing in general and then explained a situation where it prevented him from adding a bug to PloneHelpCenter's workflow. There were plans for doing a little bit of Plone work after the talk, but there was enough other discussion that we never got around to it. The official meeting announcement has a few more details.

We hosted a Plone PloneHelpCenter development sprint on Saturday, February 12. For more information, see the sprint event page

Our first meeting of 2005 was held at 7:00 on Wednesday, January 26, 2005. There will be a review of the Plone Boot Camp hosted earlier this month, and Tom Bryan will be giving a presentation on unit testing in Python and Plone. While we can't reproduce all of the excellent discussion about testing that occurred during the meeting, there is a list of unit test material that was used during and in preparation for the talk.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement

The TriZPUG sponsored the first Plone Boot Camp on Jan. 3-7, 2005. We would like to thank everyone who attended and made the camp such a success. The TriZPUG would also like to thank our instructor, Joel Burton, for providing an excellent course. The boot camp was a great way to kick off a new year, and we hope to see many of the boot camp participants at future TriZPUG meetings and events.

Our last meeting of 2004 was held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, December 8, 2004. Ben Best presented the technical implementation of Plone on the Ocean Biogeographic Information System - Spatial Ecological Analysis of Megavertebrate Populations (OBIS SEAMAP) site. This talk was particularly interesting because Ben gave some real strategies for migrating content from previous (PHP-based) systems while keeping the entire site in production and for connecting to a RDBMS (PostgreSQL) from Plone.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement

Our October meeting was be held at 7:00pm on Wednesday, October 27, 2004. Chris Calloway gave a great overview of content management systems and Plone: in particular. He then went on to discuss Social Patterns in Content Management, explaining some of the non-technical challenges of making collective ownership, user acceptance, and distributed content creation a reality.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our September meeting was held on September 29, 2004 (one week later than usual because of some scheduling problems). Tom Bryan gave a great presentation about about wxPython and Boa Constructor.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our August meeting was held on August 25, 2004. It was to be our first meeting in a new location on the Duke campus, but those who went had trouble finding the building and/or parking. The meeting was to be a roundtable discussion, but it sort of dissolved when no one apparently showed up. Now that we know where it is, we'll try this location again in October.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our July meeting was held on July 28, 2004. Rob Page, CEO and President of Zope Corp, presented a series of demos on their products, including Zope4Edu and Zope4Intranets. He also discussed some information about how Zope views their products, prices their solutions, and interacts with the Open Source community.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our June 2004 was held on June 30. This meeting was organized as another "round table" discussion on Zope on Python (see below).

Our May 2004 meeting was held on Wednesday, May 26. The official topic for the meeting was a "roundtable discussion" of what everyone is doing with Python and/or Zope. The meeting turned out to be much more informal. Ben was kind enough to bring snacks for everyone and tell of his experience in incrementally migrating a PHP site to a Plone-based site. Chris gave us a thorough overview of SEACOOS, explained why Zope/Plone is important to that work, and discussed his personal expereince with Plone and Zope. The NCSU folks talked a bit about their work with Plone at NCSU. I gave a brief history of the TriZPUG (my only current involvement with Python). The discussion eventually turned to how the TriZPUG could provide more benefit to the members, both those in attendence and to everyone on the list. I just checked, and we have more than 40 addresses subscribed to the TriZPUG list. Given the diverse and sometimes disjoint interests of the group, we agreed to continue the discussion of what the TriZPUG should do next on the mailing list. Subscribe to the list and join the discussion!

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our April 2004 meeting was cancelled.

Our March 2004 meeting was cancelled.

Our first meeting of 2004 was held on Wednesday, February 25. (It was originally scheduled for January, but we were snowed out.) Jim Allman presented a talk about using Flash in a Zope-based site. He discussed some details of the implementation, including debugging tools and tips and his use of XML-RPC. He showed a demo of the Temporal Modelling prototype.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our last meeting of 2003 was held on Wednesday, December 10. Tom Bryan gave an introduction to socket programming in Python.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our October meeting was held on Wednesday, October 22, 2003. Chris Calloway and Geoff Davis gave a review and answered questions about the Plone Conference they both recently attended.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our September meeting was held on Wednesday, September 24. Shane Hathaway from Zope Corporation gave an overview of Adaptable Persistence (aka APE).

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our August meeting was something of a social hour, where we met to eat snacks and chat about our backgrounds and our current involvement in Python and Zope development. Because of updates that broke our Wiki, there never really was an official meeting announcment. :-/

Our July meeting featured Sam Brauer, giving an introduction to Zope's CMF. For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

The June meeting was cancelled.

Our May meeting featured a talk by Ian Sparks about the ReportLab library for generating PDF documents. Ian's PDF slides and sample e are now available via FTP.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

The April meeting was a discussion among some of our memebers concerning the Python Conference.

Three of our members attended the Python Conference 2003 in Washington, DC. Since the conference started on March 26, the same day as our regular meeting time (fourth Wednesdays), we decided to cancel our March meeting.

We were very happy to host a talk by Jim Fulton and Rob Page from Zope Corp. for our February 26 meeting. Rob Page described "the open source machine --- at least as it operates at Zope Corporation." Jim Fulton talked about the status of Zope 3. The talks were a big hit, and after the official meeting, Jim and Rob joined some of our members for food and drinks. We thank Jim and Rob for taking the time to come to the meeting, and we'd like to thank Zope Corp. for sparing them for an evening. The meeting itself was taped by one of our members. Send a message to the mailing list if you'd like to get a copy of the tape. We'll add a link here if anyone decides to digitize the tapes and put them up on the web.

For more information, see the Official meeting announcement.

Our third meeting was on Wednesday, January 29. Hunter Matthews gave a talk about his use of Python in the Current project. There were 14 members in attendence, and Hunter's talk was followed (and interrupted) by discussions of topics ranging from testing and logging to xmlrpc and mod_python. There was also quite a bit of discussion about various persitent data stores (shelves, bdbm, postgres, and sqlite).

For more information, see the January meeting announcement.

We had planned a meeting for early December, but the ice storm and the damage it caused to our memebers' homes forced us to cancel the meeting.

Our second meeting was on Tuesday, November 12. The bad weather affected attendence, but we still had seven or eight members at the meeting. Tom Bryan gave a presentation about unit testing in Python using doctest and unittest. The Unit Testing in Python slides are now available online. The presentation was followed by some good discussion about members' experience with testing and about testing in the context of GUI and web-based applications.

For more information, see the November meeting announcement.

Our first meeting was held on Tuesday, October 8. It was a great success. There were a dozen people in the audience, and everyone had a chance to introduce himself. Geoff gave a wonderful talk that sparked a lot of discussion. We look forward to another spirited meeting next month.

For more information, see the October meeting announcement.

Introduction to TriZPUG

Geoff recently contacted me, suggesting that we try to start an informal Zope/Python User Group in the Research "Triangle" area of North Carolina, USA, which is roughly the area encompassed by Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh. Please "Edit" the VisitorLog and add your name if you are interested, and "Comment" on this page about what you'd be interested in. We were thinking of monthly meetings in which one or more members explain some Zope and/or Python topic. Sample topics might include Zope's Content Management Framework, Implementing Workflow in Zope, Jython, and Writing Unit Tests in Python. Maybe we'd also have a mailinglist and/or an IRC channel.

Some things we have talked about getting out of such a group:

  • Learn about new Python / Zope packages and benefit from other members' experiences
  • Force ourselves to master a few packages / products sufficiently well to give good talks
  • Network with other Python / Zope people in the area to promote collaboration on future projects

Anyway, if you're interested, please add comments about what you'd like to see in such an organization and add your name to the VisitorLog. If we can get enough interest (about 10 people with serious interest), then we will probably move to e-mail to coordinate the first meeting.

TriPython endorses:

PyLadies RDU

JupyterDay in the Triangle
Tue Nov 13, 2018 at UNC

JupyterDay in the Triangle

September 14-16, 2016:

PyData Carolinas 2016

Upcoming Events
Durham Project Night
Caktus Group Tech Space, 108 Morris St., Durham,
TriPython November 2019 Meeting: Surviving without Python
WebAssign, NCSU Centennial Campus, 1791 Varsity Drive, Suite 200, Raleigh,
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