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TriZPUG's Rob Lineberger to Deliver Plone Tutorial at US PyCon 2008

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Stalwart TriZPUGlian Rob Lineberger of the Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center is slated to give the Plone tutorial at the upcoming US PyCon 2008.

Rob's tutorial is entitled "Tail Wags Fangs: What Python Developers Should Know About Plone" and runs in the evening session on US PyCon 2008 Tutorial Day (Thursday, March 13). The cost to attend the tutorial is $120.

Rob will briefly introduce Plone and Zope, then step through custom product creation, show how to programatically add Plone content, and finally use a Python prompt to introspect the new content.

Rob's tutorial has two primary goals. The first is to provide a hands-on tour of Plone's feature set, including powerful concepts that are not immediately apparent from the GUI. The second is to reveal that Plone is entirely Python driven, so you can use Python to both understand Plone and to extend Plone.

Rob's tutorial is intended for beginning to intermediate Python programmers who are interested in learning about the Plone Content Management System.

For more information, see the US PyCon 2008 page about Rob's tutorial. To register for this tutorial, see the US PyCon 2008 registration page.

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