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Making a Blogging site with Plone

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Steps I took to customize a fresh plone site, sketching out a multiple user Blogging/RSS site for the Nicholas Institute
Here's the fresh Plone site, just after being added in the ZMI.

Restrict sign-ups so only site members can create accounts.
Plone Site  -> Security -> Aquire "Add Portal Member". Limit to Managers

Change the logo following these steps

Customzie the colors on the top of the page
-> portal_skins -> plone_styles -> ploneCustom.css -> customize button

Now it's starting to look a bit like our home page.

But we need to strip it down. This site is mostly going to be News Items. Most of the portlets wont be used.
  • Turn off the visiblity of a bunch of the portal action: Go to the site root -> Properties -> and remove lines from the "left_slot" and "right_slot". I moved the portlets I wanted to the right slot.
  • Go to -> portal_actions and turn of the "visibility" for the "Site Map" "Accessibilty" and "Contact"

This site should only have news items for anonymous users, so we need to turn off the other tabs.
  • in the main Plone interface, go to the Home tab. Click on the "Contents tab". The "Home" folder contains a few items: The Members folder, the "Welcome to Plone" page, and the smart folders for "News" and "Events". Delete the News and Events.

  • We want the Members folder hidden from anonymous users. Click on the "Members" tab, go to it's "state" drop-down, and make it "public draft". It will still be visible. Change it's "Effective Date" to far in the future. Now it will be invisible to non-authenticated users.
  • Look at the contents of "home" again. Remove the "Welcome to Plone"
  • Change the title of the home folder to "Nicholas Institute News".
  • Now we want to rename the home folders tab. Go back to the Management interface, go to -> portal_actions. Find the "Home" object and change it's title to "Welcome"

Now we have to add some memebers and content to test work flow.
  • Add users named "Director" "Adam Adams" "Betty Beta" and "Cyril Cee". Log in as the users, and make test news entries.
  • Add a smart folder. Name it "What's New". Make it's Critera "News Items". Make it public. Return to the "Home" folder (now known as "Welcome") Click on display dropdown. Set to "Summary View". Then from the same display window, choose "Make Default View". Now the default page will show the results of the "What's New" Search.
  • I made a special group called "Home Editors" to allow the "Director" account to modify the default page.
  • In a news items properites, assign some keywords, like "The Capitol" and "Air Quality. Make smart folders which us search criteria based on these keywords.

  • Add a folder "About Us" to make a tab. Add static page inside it, and make it the default view for the folder.

Now I've got the bare bones of a blogging site. Time to turn it over to the web designer to refine the css and show it to the end users, to get feedback on workflow and usability.

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